The Georgia State Society.

Welcome to the official website of The Georgia State Society. Established in 1885, the Society is a social nonprofit organization of Georgians and friends of Georgians living in the Washington D.C. area.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

What is the Georgia State Society?

We are a social organization of Georgians who are living in the Washington, DC area. All other US states and territories have similar organizations and they comprise the National Conference of State Societies.

The first Georgia State Society meeting was held in 1885 in the old Raleigh Hotel. On October 27, 1928, the Certificate of Incorporation was filed for the Georgia State Society of Washington, DC, our current name.

What is the Society’s purpose?

We promote social and friendly relations among Georgians and advance the interest and welfare of Georgia and Georgians, while also providing service to those in need in the DC area. In other words, our purpose is to have fun doing the things that benefit others.

Who are the Society’s members?

Our common thread is our Georgia ties but our membership includes all types of Georgians in the private and public sectors including students, young professionals, established business professionals, homemakers, teachers, retirees, military personnel, members of Congress and their staff, and executive branch employees. We are a typical cross-section of the great people of Georgia.

How does the Society function?

Our Society is a voluntary, non-profit organization, governed by bylaws that are implemented by an elected executive council composed of officers and members at large.